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Anglo-Catholic Links
Nashotah House - seminary
1928 Book of Common Prayer
Book of Common Prayer Online
Forward in Faith
American Anglican Council
Anglican Communion
Anglican History - Project Canterbury
Anglican Mainstream
What is Anglo-Catholicism - a response in six parts & from Project Canterbury
Credo Cymru - Forward-in-Faith in Wales!
The Oxford Movement- an overview of the origin of the Catholic revival in the Church of England in the early 19th century
The Society of Mary - the Anglican Society dedicated to the glory of God and in honour of the Holy Incarnation, under the invocation of Our Lady, Help of Christians
Society of Saint John the Evangelist - a place of quiet and reflection beside Westminster Abbey and Parliament, at the very heart of London
Societas Sanctae Crucis - the Society of the Holy Cross in America, a world-wide Society of Anglican Priests
Confraternity of the Blessed Sacrament - the home page of CBS
Ekklesia Society - web site of the International Anglican Network
Cost of Conscience - Cost of Conscience and Trushare pages
The Church Union - serving Catholic's world-wide
Society of King Charles the Martyr - Charles I, King of England and Scotland, Martyr

Holy Angels, Saints and the Early Fathers
The Fathers of the Church - documents relating to the great Councils, Synods and Canons
Saint's Biographies - hundreds of 'Lives' of the Saints of the Roman Calendar
Our Lady - Ecumenical Society of the Blessed Virgin Mary
Desert Fathers Past and Present - monks, monasteries, and the monastic life of the Eastern Churches
Saint Therese - in the Footsteps of St Therese
Mother of the Eucharist - for a long time Our Lady has been appearing in private to Marisa Rossi in Rome giving messages about the Eucharist
Holy Bible Website - a wonderful Coptic site where you can hear the Rosary chanted in Arabic and see RealVideo clips on the apparitions of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Zeitoun on the outskirts of Cairo in Egypt
The History of the Celtic Saints - Celtic and Old English Saints of the Orthodox Church
Saints of Scotland - Saints that have played an important role in Scotland's spiritual and cultural history
Early Church Fathers - an excellent resource of writings from the first 800 years of the Church
The Birthday of the Blessed Virgin Mary - a History of the Liturgical Celebration and a Devotion

Liturgical Links
Divine Office - the daily text of the Divine Office
Sacred Space - an invitation to spend ten minutes praying in the Ignatian tradition as you sit at your computer
Scottish Prayer Book - The Scottish Prayer Book 1929
TaizÈ Community - the English page of the monastic community founded there in 1940
Visual Liturgy - for planning and preparing worship
Anglican Liturgical Library - a comprehensive liturgical resource!
Old Catholic Church
The Rosary - an on-line version of the Holy Rosary
The Book of Common Prayer - from 1549 onwards
Oremus - daily prayer and prayer resources on the internet
Litanies - of the Holy Name, Precious Blood, St Joseph, Sacred Heart, Blessed Virgin, and the Saints

Church Resources
Revised Standard Version of the Bible
RSV Searches
The Ecclesiological Society - founded in the UK in 1879 as the successor of the Cambridge Camden Society and a wonderful site for those who love churches
Christus Rex - et Redemptor Mundi ... an all-inclusive Catholic resource!
Scottish - Hundreds of Scottish churches, organisations and individuals, their beliefs, activities, histories and hopes
Catholic Encyclopedia - a wealth of useful information
Catholic Spot - an excellent Roman resource, including “Ask a Priest” about...
King James Version of the Bible
Lectionary Page
Lectionary Resources for the Episcopal Church
Gregorian Chant - the Home Page of the Gregorian Chant
ICL Net - one of the most comprehensive on-line Christian libraries
Catholic Liturgical Library - a vast Roman Catholic liturgical resource
Thesaurus Precum Latinarum - a Treasury of Latin Prayers and Hymns
Greek English Translator -Online
Dead Sea Scrolls - with texts, graphic files of the Scrolls and general information on the scrolls
Interpreting Ancient Manuscripts - a resource of ancient manuscripts of the New Testament
Glossary - of Church Terms
Columba Press - an on-line Christian book service
Sacred Texts - a wide collection of the sacred texts from world religions
Medieval Art and Architecture - spectacular images from all around the world
St Peter's Publishing - a range of Christian orthodox Anglican resources
Tracts for Our Times - American Church Union and the Anglican Province of Christ the King - some very interesting links
eGodparent - a useful resource ... the home of Godparenting on the Internet
Bible Maps and Charts - a useful collection of Old and New Testament resources!
Articoli Religiosi - Religious Articles - all kinds of amazing things on-line from Comandini close to Vatican City in the heart of Rome!
Even More Articoli Religiosi - from "the biggest store" selling wholesale rosaries and religious goods in Rome
Christmas Hymns List
Hymnal Treasures List

Church News Services
Anglicans Online - news from around the Anglican Communion
Catholic Information Network - a fascinating source of information
The Universe - the leading UK RC weekly paper
The Tablet - the leading Catholic weekly journal
The Anglican Digest - Unofficial pages from this traditional Anglican publication
Stand Firm in Faith
Titus One Nine
Virtue Online
Magnificat Magazine
Living with Christ

Church of the Advent, Boston
Anglican Church of the Holy Comforter 
St Peter’s London Docks - The first Anglo-Catholic mission to the poor of London, begun in 1856 by Fr Lowder and a group of priests, all members of the Society of the Holy Cross
St Clement’s, Philadelphia - where the English Missal Mass is "carefully prepared and reverently performed"
Holy Apostles - The Church of the Holy Apostles, Fort Worth, Texas
St Magnus the Martyr - the City of London where people crossing the old London Bridge used to enter the City
All Saints Margaret Street - William Butterfield's masterpiece close to London's great shopping streets
St Mary the Virgin - Wellingborough in Northamptonshire
Mount Calvary - in Baltimore, Maryland
The Provincial Episcopal See of Ebbsfleet - lots of parishes!
St Luke's - Southport, Lancashire
St Mark’s Fitzroy - THE Anglican Parish established in 1849 in Melbourne, Australia
St Andrew's, Breckenridge, Texas - "the Jewel of the West" of the American Episcopal Church in the Diocese of Fort Worth
Saint Silas the Martyr - the thriving Anglo-Catholic Parish in Kentish Town, London NW5 - an excellent website!
Church of Our Saviour - a lively Anglo-Catholic Parish in the Episcopal Diocese of Atlanta, Georgia

Other Parishes . . . which are well worth a visit
St Michael's - in , Charlotte, North Carolina ... part of the Anglican Province of American
St Andrew's Cathedral, Aberdeen - according to John Betjeman:Aberdeen's best modern building & you push open the door and your heart gives a leap - there stretching away as in an old Dutch oil painting is Comper's superb renovation of the interior
St Stephen’s in Providence - the Anglo-Catholic Parish in the Episcopal Diocese of Rhode Island
Diocese in Europe - parishes and contacts throughout Europe

Shrines and Places of Pilgrimage
The Shrine of Our Lady of Walsingham     The website of the Anglican Shrine
The Walsingham Archives     An excllent way of accessing the archives of the Anglican Shrine
Walsingham - England's Nazareth - the Shrine of Our Lady in Norfolk - a "virtual pilgrimage"
SSC Sites of Interest
Medjugorje - Home Page of Medjugorje in Bosnia-Herzegovina, including the latest Message from Our Lady
Capharnaum - the town of Jesus on the north shore of the Sea of Galilee
Our Lady of Guadalupe - the who, what, where and why of Guadalupe!
Holy Land - Christian Sanctuaries under the Franciscan Custody
Bible Places - holy places in Israel, Jordan, Egypt, Turkey and Greece
The Madaba Map - a virtual journey to the Holy Places on 6th cent Byzantine Mosaic Map in a church Madaba in Jordan
Our Lady of Knock - Ireland's National Marian Shrine
Credo Glastonbury - The Glastonbury Pilgrimage
Bethlehem - where it's always Christmas - although not updated for some time this is an interesting historical site

Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople - news and articles from the Ecumenical Patriarch, Bartholomew I
Coptic Orthodox Church- a wonderful collection of letters, hymns, history, scripture readings and a bibliography on the Coptic Orthodox Church - and music!
Icons and Photographs - from the Coptic Church

Seasons of the Church Year
Ordo Kalendar
Advent Calendar - an on-line version of an old favourite
Christmas Carols - hymns and carols from the UK
Silent Night Web – all about the Christmas carol Silent Night, Holy Night
Silent Night Museum – in Salzburg ... even more about Silent Night, Holy Night
Twelve Days of Christmas - the Christian traditions behind this popular Christmas song
How Christmas Works - the Complete Guide to all the Christmas Traditions
E-mail Santa - send a letter to Santa and get a personal and immediate reply
Easter in Slovakia - an Orthodox Christian Easter resources page
How Easter Works - the religious and cultural origins of the Easter, Easter Eggs, the Easter Bunny and Hot Cross Buns
Taking the Episcopalian - A very light-hearted look at the Scottish Episcopal Church

Church-life in UK and Other Places
Action of Churches Together in Scotland - ACTS is nine Scottish Churches working together in the cause of Christ’s Kingdom
The Church of Scotland - the official pages of Scotland’s established Presbyterian church
The Roman Catholic Church - Online

Miscellaneous Links   -   Religious
Mary Gardens - hundreds of flowers named in medieval times as symbols of the life, mysteries and privileges of the Blessed Virgin Mary
Christian Radio - listings of Christian radio programmes throughout the UK
Christians of the Holy Land - pages from Middle East-Arab Christians
Sister Wendy - art in America
Art Gallery - a fine collection of Christian Art from Christus Rex et Redemptor Mundi
Illuminated Manuscript Images - 6th century onwards, from the Bodleian Library in Oxford
Angels and Archangels - Icons and Paintings of the Holy Angels and Archangels
World's best Museums - an impressive list of museums & Biblical, Classical and Ancient Near East
Christ Our Future - an excellent report on the the Forward in Faith Celebration of the 3rd Christian Millennium held in June 2000 in London - from All Saints' Brisbane
The Ecclesiological Society - church architecture, church furnishings, church liturgy . . . a wonderful site for all who love churches

Miscellaneous Links   -   Others
Westbourne Guest House - a delightful Inverness Bed and Breakfast on the riverside close to St Michael and All Angels and to the town centre ... the St Michael's Preferred Partner!
UK Phonebook.Com - UK telephone numbers, addresses, post codes and directions
Multi - find any street/location in the UK and beyond
CoffeeCup - a good resource for web designers
GENUKI     An excellent collection of genealogical information for England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, the Channel Islands, and the Isle of Man

The UK, America . . . and beyond!
THE Inverness Website - Start here for the Capital of the Highlands of Scotland!
Loch Ness - Live Pictures from Temple Pier in Urquhart Bay looking across Loch Ness to Urquhart Castle - where Nessie is most often spotted!
Cruising on the Jacobite Queen - on the spectacular and haunting waters of Loch Ness from Tomnahurich Bridge to Urquhart Castle
Dalesman -the Yorkshire Dales
Texas Scotish Festival - a celebration of Arts and Culture
The Western Wall - Live Pictures from Jerusalem
Scotch Whisky - All you need to know about "the water of life"   -   Slýinte!
Radio Scotland - news and information from the BBC
Rosslyn Chapel - the magnificent medieval chapel near Edinburgh

And Finally
Pope Benedict XVI Fan Club - everything you ever wanted to know about Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger, the once head of the Roman Catholic Church's Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, and now Pope . . . including how to get the T-shirt and the Mug!
Epicurious - everything about everything to do with Food and Drink
Flanders and Swan - the wonderful words and songs

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